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At Studio Mura, we provide optimal orthodontic solutions for patients of all ages.


We are aware of the psychological aspect of having to wear an aligner. This is why we offer state-of-the-art solutions that make orthodontics a "transitional period" during which our patients can still feel good about themselves and also more attractive.


We successfully use transparent, removable aligners and guarantee excellent results, improving function, while rejuvenating facial aesthetics with a more pleasant smile.


Our transparent aligners are not only orthodontically effective, but they also take into account both the aesthetic and psychological aspects of the intervention.


  • Orthodontics involves aligning teeth in a functional position, treating malocclusions, and also harmonizing and improving a smile. In adults, we can resolve malocclusions and align teeth regardless of age. We also resolve agenesis, which can deviate the position of contiguous teeth, damaging the chewing function and aesthetics.

  • Yes. With the cutting-edge technologies we use, we can now align teeth even in adult patients.

  • It is one of our most advanced technologies, which we combine with a digital impression taken through the use of a 3D intraoral optical scanner, both for the orthodontic design phase, as well as for making various devices. It allows us to plan the overall adjustments of crowns and tooth roots within the bone structure. We also use it to view the aesthetic results that can be achieved and share them with the patient.

  • It is a multidisciplinary orthodontic-prosthetic-implant treatment coordinated by the prosthodontist.

    The orthodontist restores the interdental spaces, and modifies root position and angulation for proper implant placement. The implantologist places the implants, as in cases of agenesis of the front teeth.

    The prosthodontist concludes the procedure with a planned functional aesthetic solution.

  • To preserve the aesthetics of front teeth. This technique involves the placement of lingual brackets on the crowns of teeth. It is used on selected patients, since lingual brackets can cause discomfort.

  • We use clear aligners (teeth masks) to align a patient's teeth and improve aesthetics and function.

    The aligners are made through cutting-edge technology, in transparent and elastic resin, to give patients the best result with maximum comfort. To plan orthodontic treatments with aligners, we acquire the necessary radiographic images and take impressions of the teeth and mouth using a 3D intraoral optical scanner.

    Based on the analysis of this data, we use a dedicated software to process a video that simulates the final aesthetic result. It is crucial for us to be able to show our patients and share with them the image of the results that can be achieved before starting the treatment.

  • The aligners are not noticeable and do not compromise aesthetics.

    The fact that patients are able to remove the aligners on their own when needed, makes them less of a nuisance.

    Aligners are a viable alternative to fixed orthodontics in which brackets attached to the teeth are used.


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