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Agostino A.

Dr. Mura's dental clinic is absolutely worthy of review.
Here the professionalism exceeds all expectations, the attention to detail and care for the patient reach levels that you cannot easily find in another clinic.
I am a colleague with more than ten years of experience and I can assure you that becoming a patient of this clinic means experiencing first-hand all the passion that Doctor Mura has always been putting into his work; every day.
Satisfying a meticulous and demanding patient like me is not an easy task and yet here we go much further.
I have been welcomed in the best possible way and the surgery has been completed in due time, without any pain, neither during nor after.
Praise to Dr. Mura and all his staff, always one step ahead, with care and dedication, for a truly cutting-edge dentistry.

Alberto P.

Thank you for solving my problem that others had complicated. Beyond a great professional doctor, I could appreciate a great man who took the right care to solve my problem.

Alessandro N.

Professionalism, reliability, kindness. All the staff are top notch.

Bruno C.

Good evening doctor, I wanted to thank you for the work you did on me this morning. It was wonderful and professional, as always with you and your team, I am really happy to know someone like you, thank you again and have a good evening.

Camillo T.

The clinic of Dr. Priamo Mura is an excellence in Rome for competence, reliability and professionalism. Recommended to my relatives, friends and colleagues. Studio Mura Special One

Costanza P.

I wanted to thank you so much, I find myself really a little bit vain, all I’m doing is smiling and looking at myself in the mirror, because I have beautiful teeth, a difference from night to day. It's crazy I only have beautiful teeth now!

Daniele D.

Good evening Priamo, Ale had no pain today, as always you are number one because you love your job and you perform it to perfection. I thank you so much for what you do for me and my children, you are unique. Lucky one who meets you in his life, thank you!

Francesca N.

I don't usually leave reviews, but I really feel like recommending the clinic of Dr. Mura, one of the most knowledgeable people I've ever met, not only as a dentist but also as a doctor. I had a fairly serious problem that he managed to resolve in less than a week, with great professionalism, immediately understanding the cause. He is evidently a person who has studied a lot and who loves his work. I never expected such a result and in such a short time! P.S. he's very friendly! Thank you Doctor!

Franco C.

I turned to Dr. Priamo Mura's clinic for various dental problems. I had to place five implants with bone augmentation. 
To my amazement I felt no pain both during the surgery and afterwards
After 3 years I can say that the result, both functional and aesthetic, is excellent. I can chew everything without any problems and even the gums are perfect. 
Excellent value for money.

Fulvio P.

Very high quality of service, highly recommended for complicated cases like mine. In two sessions I solved a problem that had been dragging on for months with continuous migraines.
Chewing and jaw articulation have improved a lot, it seems like I have a different mouth now and I no longer chew in a way that I would define as oblique.
Thank you very much


Professionalism, competence, courtesy, are just some of the great qualities of this clinic, of which each staff member, starting with Dr. Mura, has always solved my dental problems brilliantly.

Thandaraye K.

I had a complex tooth extraction at Studio Mura. They managed to gently remove the molar tooth where I had an unusual and compromised third root. It was painless and all the team took good care of me from pre-surgery and surgery to post-surgery. I was able to eat and chew as usual the next day right after the tooth extraction, so thank you very much.

Luciana C.

Thank you, you are the best dentist I have ever met...

Marco B.

Professionalism and competence, experience, attention to every single detail, and a lot of attention towards the patient. A fantastic team led by Dr. Mura to whom I have entrusted the care of my teeth for 10 years and it is a choice that I would repeat again and that I recommend to everyone.

Marco P.

I turned to Dr. Mura's office for the extraction of a molar whose roots were arranged horizontally and overlapping and very close to a nerve. The risk was to remain with a constant tingling sensation. Doctor Mura and his highly efficient staff, after having made the appropriate assessments using sophisticated and modern equipment, reassured me of the positive outcome of the operation. During the surgery, Dr. Mura made me aware of his work, explaining how he was working and what I should expect. At the end of the almost two-hour operation, I remained under close observation (for another two hours) of doctor Mura and his staff to check my conditions after surgery; To this day I must confess that I have never seen so much attention to the patient before, during and after surgery. The surgery was a perfect success with no consequences. Congratulations for the professionalism, preparation and courtesy of the doctor. Mura and his staff.

Maria Chiara F.

Good evening Dr. Mura, I wanted to tell you that I feel great and have no pain, only very little discomfort when I eat but I am sure it will pass in a few days. As always you have been great. Have a good evening.

Maria Chiara F.

For me he is the number one dentist in the world, I have had many surgeries done, even very complex ones, and I have NEVER felt pain, Doctor Priamo is truly professional.

Maria S.

Good evening I wanted to thank my Savior again. I must say that coming to you is always wonderful, meeting you made me reconsider the "fear of the dentist", I was reconciled with my teeth. Thank you again for the kindness, professionalism and skill of all the staff. Of course if the boss is the top, in the team they are all great. Thank you thank you I can't wait to come even though I know I'm in for another extraction but with those hands I'm comfortable. Have a great evening!

Maria V.

Thank you because with your great commitment and perseverance you recovered implants that others gave for lost.

Mauro L.

Thank you for saving my teeth that other dentists wanted to extract.

Paola L.

Excellent,both from a professional and human point of view.

Rita P.

I turned to Dr. Mura for the extraction of two wisdom teeth performed in a single solution and with excellent results: no pain, no swelling or even the slightest discomfort either during the operation or after!
But the positive experience goes far beyond what is told, starting with the exquisite welcome of the practice staff and the precise attention to the patient's well-being and hygiene throughout the entire process.
Cutting-edge technique and sophisticated equipment, a dental practice absolutely recommended!
My compliments to Dr. Mura for his excellent professionalism and my thanks for constantly making me feel in excellent hands.

Rita T.

Dr. Mura's dental practice is a masterpiece of relief and safety for the patient who turns to it. My significant spinal pathologies, also linked to chewing, led me here, where I found an environment of very high aesthetic quality (only the original frescoes in themselves already provide well-being!) and maximum attention to sterilization. The work team is cohesive and highly professional, there is a rare and beneficial synergy that collaborates towards the result. And Dr. Mura holds the wisdom. He nourishes it with authentic passion, dedication and always in-depth, always updated studies. I found the reassuring support of a studio with great history and experience together with highly cutting-edge techniques, I entrusted myself with total trust and I am completely satisfied, I will never stop thanking you.

Sartoria Gallo

I was fortunate enough to experience the excellence of Doctor Priamo Mura 
dental clinic and would like to share my positive review. From the moment I entered the clinic, I was greeted by a professional and friendly staff who immediately put me at ease. The relaxed and welcoming atmosphere helped calm any anxiety or fear I might have about a dental visit. Dr. Priamo Mura is an experienced and highly qualified professional. He calmly and patiently listened carefully to my concerns, answering all my questions and explaining each procedure clearly and in detail. He really gave me confidence in his work. The dental clinic is equipped with the latest technology and state-of the-art equipment, which gave me a feeling of safety and reliability. I particularly appreciated their attention to cleanliness and hygiene, which was evident in every aspect of their work. During the treatment, I was able to experience the high quality dental care offered by the clinic. Whether it was a simple dental cleaning or a more complex orthodontic procedure, I could see the professionalism and expertise of Dr. Mura and his team. Finally, I would like to emphasize the efficiency and punctuality of the clinic. In all my appointments, I never had to wait long and always received the utmost attention and care. I highly recommend Priamo Mura's dental clinic to anyone seeking high-quality dental treatment provided by a professional, friendly, and knowledgeable team. I look forward to returning for my next dental appointment!

Simonetta R.

Dearest, everything is fine. No pain and no swelling. Thank you so much for your gentle, attentive and professional care on every occasion. I wish you a good evening. A big hug

Vincenzo M.

Thanks to the team and a THANK YOU to Dr. Mura with only one regret...not having met you before

Vittoria C.

Dear Priamo, I wanted to tell you that they were all shocked to see me going out at night like it was nothing after having my tooth extracted. They thought it was not possible to be so well, and I was able to tell everyone that they simply do not have the best dentist in the world.


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