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The Studio Mura logo is a sun - the sun from the painting created for the clinic by artist Gaetano Pompa. The sun represents light, a smile, but above all the union between art, beauty and the refined dentistry and cutting-edge technologies that characterize our clinic.


At Studio Mura, we care about welcoming our patients into a beautiful and harmonious environment, which allows them to relax and be confident, so that we can better understand their needs and, consequently, dedicate ourselves to their care.

This is why all our appointments are scheduled from start to finish, based on the specific treatment and on the time needed for our doctors to work calmly and accurately. This also allows our patients to better organize their own schedules.

Each treatment is "tailor-made", according to the type of treatment, in order to ensure our patients maximum comfort. Studio Mura guarantees comprehensive care in all the dental services it offers, employing highly-specialized professionals with the primary goal of both safeguarding the natural teeth of our patients and identifying the best solutions for their well-being and health.

Studio Mura was established in the 1980s and, from the very beginning, we have always implemented the most advanced technologies.

Throughout the years, our continuous search for cutting-edge, scientifically-validated diagnostic and therapeutic materials and methods, has enabled us to guarantee top-level services for our patients.


  • Scientific studies have proven that good oral health influences and, in many cases, determines the well-being and health of the whole body, while poor oral health is the cause and concurrent cause of many diseases.

    At Studio Mura, our patients consider our dentists "familiar" figures with whom they have a friendly ongoing relationship when it comes to maintaining proper oral health, preserving their natural teeth, and preventing or treating potential pathologies. Regular check-ups prevent emergencies.

  • Call us.

    If necessary, we will schedule a same-day appointment.

    When the clinic is closed, you can leave a voice message, and we will get back to you as soon as possible to assess the situation and schedule an appointment.

  • Studio Mura is structured to accommodate even the most anxious patients. If necessary, the anesthesiologist will use a conscious sedation that relaxes the patient and eliminates anxiety and fear, but that still allows the patient to maintain a conscious and cooperative state.

    • Cavities: one of the most frequent problems. They first penetrate tooth enamel, then go deeper into the dentin and, when they reach the tooth pulp, they cause pulpitis;
    • Pulpitis: an infection and inflammation of the tooth pulp that is very painful;
    • Tooth fractures;
    • Root fractures;
    • Bruxism: the clenching or grinding of teeth, which also causes muscle pain;
    • Malocclusion: causes muscle pain.
    • Dental hypersensitivity: when osseo-gingival recessions expose roots;
    • Abrasions from brushing;
    • Periodontitis: bleeding or inflammation of the gums.


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