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First appointment and diagnosis

For the Studio Mura team, a first appointment is very important, since this is when we get to know our patients and assess their needs.

During a first appointment, we fill out two forms: one with the patient’s medical history, the other to learn about the patient's lifestyle, eating habits, emotional aspects, and expectations.

Listening to our patients as they explain their symptoms, along with our clinical observations, is essential when we need to focus on the origin and causes of a pathology and then schedule diagnostic investigations.

During a first appointment, we perform several clinical investigations:
Radiological exams - These are a fundamental aid in clinical investigations and also allow us to detect a pathology that may be located in a different area from the one indicated by the patient.

Through the use of a camera and an optical intraoral scanner, we share with the patient a detailed image of his/her entire mouth and teeth. This image is projected onto a screen, allowing the patient to also view the details, such as any cavities or pathologies detected.

In relation to the individual case, we then perform more in-depth instrumental diagnostic analyses.
Once the data-collection phase is completed, the dentist can formulate a diagnosis, which is communicated and explained to the patient. The dentist then proposes various solutions and, with the patient's consent, a work plan is prepared, with personalized therapies and treatments.

If one of our patients has an aesthetic emergency, at Studio Mura, we can arrange for immediate solutions, even temporary ones, so that they can leave the clinic with an improved aesthetic aspect, which will allow them to return to their daily life and work.


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