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Preventive Dentistry

At Studio Mura, we motivate and instruct patients in the prevention of oral diseases through the use of appropriate techniques and tools for early diagnosis, methods of hygiene, maintenance, and fluoride prophylaxis.


  • It is the core of dental disciplines that deals with the early diagnosis and prevention of all diseases of the oral cavity.

  • By motivating and instructing patients in dental hygiene techniques and through early diagnosis. Studio Mura and its team are at the forefront of this branch of dentistry.

  • Through a first check-up with a specialist. The dentist makes an initial clinical assessment of the patient’s teeth and oral tissues, and also analyzes X-rays to plan dental hygiene sessions and any dental treatment deemed necessary. 
    Prevention then continues with regular check-ups and dental hygiene sessions that have the primary goal of helping our patients safeguard and preserve their natural teeth and oral health for a lifetime.

  • Through the use of customized dental masks filled with a fluoride and hydroxyapatite solution, which are then placed on the upper and lower teeth. 
    We treat root sensitivity and soreness using diode laser and/or fluoride solutions, which reduce the sensitivity of exposed roots, and also remineralizes them, protecting them from decay.

  • Sealing is one of the most effective preventive techniques for children. Scientific studies have shown that fluoride prophylaxis and sealing of grooves in deciduous teeth (baby teeth) reduce the rate of cavities in permanent teeth by more than 80%.

  • For the prevention and care of oncological patients treated with radiotherapy of the head and neck, Dr. Mura has created a specific fluoride prophylaxis protocol.

  • Radiation damages enamel, dentin, and also salivary glands. The irreversibly damaged glands produce less saliva. This reduction in saliva increases the susceptibility to and the incidence of cavitary lesions. The protocol we implement at Studio Mura involves the application of fluoride and the use of a diode laser, and it also includes periodic professional oral hygiene check-ups.

  • In our clinical experience, we have achieved an absolute control of the incidence of cavitary root lesions, since all our patients were motivated and scrupulously followed our protocol. A comparison with other patients who did not follow our protocol showed both significant tooth loss and an increase in destructive cavities.


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