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Child Dentistry

At Studio Mura, we take pride in our patients and their families who have been coming to our clinic for four generations. In some cases, it is actually grandparents who bring their grandchildren or even great-grandchildren to the clinic, because "prevention" has been a keyword at Studio Mura for over 40 years.


Children are welcomed with great empathy at Studio Mura, and they are put at ease through simple sign language, so they can communicate with the dentist at any time if, for example they need to take a break, say something, or if they feel discomfort during fluoride prophylaxis, sealing, or any other treatment.


Fluoride Prophylaxis and Sealing
Fluoride prophylaxis and sealing are the most effective preventive techniques for children.
Scientific studies have shown that fluoride prophylaxis and sealing of grooves in deciduous teeth (baby teeth) reduce the rate of cavities in permanent teeth by more than 80%.

Braces and Interceptive Dentistry
At Studio Mura, we are particularly sensitive to the needs of our young patients and firmly believe in early intervention.


Between infancy and childhood, we already assess proper jaw bone growth and tooth development. When necessary, through radiographic examinations, we can intercept pathologies that compromise future health and also detect abnormalities in bone development, which can be responsible for respiratory illnesses, phonatory difficulties, and the correct development and alignment of the dentition.


Through a timely diagnosis (interceptive orthodontics), we create personalized solutions for children in early childhood.


For children in the prepubescent stage, until their dentition becomes permanent, we intervene so that their permanent teeth are then aligned.


We also intercept agenesis, which can deviate the position of contiguous teeth, therefore, damaging chewing function and definitive aesthetics.


These early diagnoses (interceptive orthodontics) are very important, because the period of maximum bone development occurs between early and late childhood.
At this stage of growth, we act with appropriate treatment plans and devices that stimulate and guide proper jaw bone formation, before permanent dentition.


  • Children should be educated in good oral hygiene as soon as their manual dexterity allows - which includes teaching them how to properly use a toothbrush - followed by periodic checkups.

    At Studio Mura, we assess proper jaw bone growth and tooth development starting in early childhood. When we detect pathologies that could compromise future oral health, we intervene with appropriate orthodontic treatment plans, in order to correct and guide bone development before permanent dentition.

  • Fluoride prophylaxis in children is used to remineralize the enamel of teeth and protect them from cavities caused by acids produced by bacterial plaque.

  • Through customized teeth masks, a fluoride and hydroxyapatite solution is applied to the upper and lower dental arches.

  • Sealing consists in applying a thin protective layer of composite to the occlusal (chewing)
     surface of back deciduous teeth (baby teeth).

  • Sealing is used to seal the grooves of deciduous teeth and prevent the stagnation of acids (produced
     by bacterial plaque) from causing caries.

  • Yes. Sealing is performed on the first permanent molars that grow around age six. Other molars and premolars should also be sealed when they grow. Epidemiological studies have shown that sealing reduces the incidence of cavities by  80%, when this procedure is used on both deciduous and permanent teeth.

  • It is the orthodontics we use on children between infancy and childhood, in order to guide and correct bone developmental abnormalities that are responsible for respiratory disorders, phonatory difficulties, and the proper development and alignment of their final dentition.

  • After any form of interceptive orthodontics, until the completion of permanent dentition, but also in adulthood.


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