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Conservative Dentistry

Conservative dentistry deals with the preservation, treatment, and reconstruction of natural teeth that have been damaged by decay or trauma.

At Studio Mura, we believe in the importance of always doing whatever is necessary to safeguard the natural teeth of our patients.


  • By rebuilding the integrity of teeth, which have been damaged by trauma or decay,
    through the use of composite resins or porcelain, respecting and preserving as much
    tooth substance as possible.

  • Dental reconstruction is a technique that aims at reconstructing the part of the tooth that has been lost due to decay or trauma. The primary goal of reconstruction is to preserve the vitality of the tooth and protect the pulp, resulting in hydration, which keeps the tooth more elastic and durable over time.

  • Composite resins are highly-aesthetic materials used to rebuild the integrity of teeth
    that have been damaged by trauma or decay. 
    The appropriate choice of materials, and our careful execution, are driven by the need
    to achieve high-quality, durable work.

  • They are restorations created with ceramic materials (porcelain) which are implemented in rebuilding teeth when decay or trauma have caused enough loss in substance that teeth can no longer be rebuilt with a composite filling.

  • They are thin porcelain coverings that, when attached to the front teeth, create an aesthetically pleasing smile, with an excellent aesthetic-functional result.

  • Endodontic therapy (devitalization of teeth) involves treating the inner tissue of a tooth (the pulp) and filling root canals with biocompatible sealing material.

  • Devitalization is required to prevent the extraction of teeth damaged by deep decay or trauma which has caused fractures or chips that reach the pulpal tissue (nerve), causing bacterial infection and necrosis, and irreversibly compromising the vitality of the tooth. The devitalized tooth must be reinforced with a crown.

  • Microscopic endodontics is very useful in more complex endodontic therapies. We also use the microscope to reach and seal the apex of the tooth when we are not able to obtain a satisfactory result through endodontic therapy.

  • Facial traumas are the most common cause of front teeth fractures. Instead, causes of fractures to back teeth include: chewing or biting on something extremely hard, teeth weakened by very extensive decay, or teeth that are more brittle because they have been devitalized.

  • Fracture occur when bone recession has reduced support, making roots more fragile. Root fractures are also common after devitalization.

  • In particular, the front incisors chip due to bad habits, such as biting objects or nails. Bruxism, with both daytime and nighttime grinding, can also cause chipping.

  • Through repeated microtraumas, such as bruxism or severe clenching of teeth.


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