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Dental Lab

The lab is adjacent to the Studio Mura dental clinic and is equipped with state-of-the-art and constantly-updated technology. Since it is connected to the clinic, the dental technician and the dentist, as well as the patient, are able to receive feedback and view the lab work in real-time.

Immediate Temporary Prostheses:
The lab allows for the immediate preparation of temporary aesthetic solutions for patients who have suddenly lost one or more teeth and come to the clinic with compromised dental functions and aesthetics.
These temporary solutions give our patients the opportunity to return to their daily life and work, while they wait for a permanent solution.

Aesthetic Finalization:
The lab also finalizes the prostheses during the visit. This allows the dentist to immediately verify function, aesthetics, and color with both the patient and the dental technicians. These real-time assessments and adjustments, based on a joint observation, give the technicians the possibility to make immediate improvements, before the dentist positions the final prosthesis.


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